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You are looking for that very special something for your loved ones, friends or acquaintances? How about the gift voucher "A day with eagles and vultures"

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This is the perfect opportunity to experience our raptors up close and even find out first-hand what it's like to be a falconer. You will assist in feeding, caring for and flying various owl and bird of prey species and experience the characteristic styles of flight and other particularities of our various animals during training and flight demonstrations.

Falknerin für einen Tag mit anfliegendem Bussard

Under professional guidance, you may even have the opportunity to fly a bird yourself and feel that extraordinary sensation that captivates us falconers every day anew.

Don't forget your camera to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The falconry equipment will be provided free of charge.

Price: 180 euros   (minimum age 12 years)

New: Partner voucher for two people (spouses, friends, colleagues, ...) for a total price of 300 euros.

Should you require overnight accommodation during your stay, we have provided a list of suitable establishments at  "Overnight accommodation".

A day with the animals "One on one"


Can't decide whether you would like to spend the day with our birds or the other animals. You don't have to! With "A day with the animals one on one", you can book a combination arrangement.

You will spend half a day as a falconer and the other half as an zoo keeper in our wildlife park.

This program also costs 180 euros per person and a partner voucher fo this arrangement ist also available für 2 persons for 300 euros

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Gutscheininhaberin + Falknerin

One-day seminar on birds of prey, owls and falconry

If you would like to experience raptors and owls live and have the opportunity to fly them personally - and you are also interested in finding out more about owls, raptors and falconry - the "one-day seminar" is the perfect choice. It is also available in English language.

Give this ideal combination of theory and practice as a gift voucher to friends, acquantainces and relatives. Further information here.



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